Friday, August 19, 2005

Latest news from the Pastors for Peace team on the road


IN THE ROAD: FR. LUIS BARRIOS: 646/319-5902 (cellular)
IN NEW YORK: LUCIA BRUNO: 212/926-5757 (office)

Greetings from Beaumont, Texas!
Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Rev. Lucius Walker, IFCO/Pastors for Peace executive director, and
associate director Ellen Bernstein arrived last night in Cuba
accompanying a group of 14 new US students who will enroll in the
Latin American School of Medicine. Walker and Bernstein have been in
Texas the last few weeks working full time in the campaign for the
return of humanitarian aid which was seized from their 16th Pastors
for Peace Friendshipment Caravan on July 21, 2005. While that campaign
continues on the road, they are visiting Cuba for several days because
of the extraordinary importance of the Latin American Medical School
program and the opportunity it offers to reduce health care
disparities in the US. They also will attend the first graduation of
the Latin American School of Medicine, which will include one graduate
from the US.

IFCO/Pastors for Peace plans to continue its campaign for release of
the computers and computer equipment seized by US Customs on the
orders of the US Commerce Department on July 21. They will take the
campaign to Washington next week, to demand release of the aid and
also to inform the US public about the dangers of the stepped-up
aggression and hostility toward Cuba on the part of the Bush
administration and the need to end the blockade.

In the mean time, Fr. Luis Barrios and Bill Hill participated in a
prayer vigil that was organized in Houston, to support Cindy’s
campaign to stop the war in Iraq, bring the troop back and peace for
the Iraqi people. They also participated in a radio program (Pacifica-
KPFT-News) with Valerie Torres. Alma Cooper ­one of the caravanistas-
did all these extraordinary arrangements. Next day they did some media
campaign in Houston and also in Beaumont, Texas. Fr. Barrios was
trying to visit Ramón Labañino ­one of the Cuban Five- however do
to “prison security measures” this was not possible. However he had
the opportunity to talk to Ramón on the phone and he sent greetings
and love to all of you.

Tomorrow, Friday, August 19, Bill and Luis are travelling to Jackson,
Mississippi. Saturday, August 20 they are planning to arrive to
Birmingham, Alabama, and Sunday, August 21, they are getting together
with Lucius and Ellen in Atlanta, Georgia. Monday, August 22, all of
them are travelling to Washington, D.C. expecting to be there
Wednesday or Thursday. The struggle continues- sí se puede!


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